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$225 with nick baldwin

$275 with kate luckin & nick baldwin - claimable on private health

At Endurance Movement we specialise in triathlon, time trial and road bike fitting. We cater to athletes of all abilities, whether your goal is simply to ride injury free or compete at the highest level. 

Each fit starts with a comprehensive pre-fit questionnaire, then once in the studio we begin with a musculoskeletal assessment to assess range of motion and highlight potential strengths and/or weaknesses your body may have.

Our certified bike fit team of Nick Baldwin and Kate Luckin bring two different perspectives to the fit. Our head physiotherapist Kate ensures that injury prevention and management is always at the forefront and is one of the few female bike fitters in WA specialising in women’s bike fits. As a professional athlete Nicks expertise lies in optimising aerodynamics through position and equipment changes, with an emphasis on being able to maintain the position as comfortably as possible. 

With saddle discomfort being one of the biggest complaints amongst riders, we also have a range of different saddles available to test during the fit, with our team assisting in selecting a saddle that we believe will best suit you. We allow up to two hours per fit, ensuring that the process is never rushed.