- Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) with First class Honours
- PhD Candidate, Curtin University: An exploration of treatment success for people undergoing total knee replacement”
- Research assistant, Curtin University
- Undergraduate tutor, Curtin University

Deciding to study physiotherapy was an easy decision for me due to the combination of exercise and improving people’s health and quality of life. During my time at university I was also lucky enough to be included in the Honours research stream. From this, I produced my first research papers where I investigated how ankle braces and taping effect ankle and knee movement in female basketball players.

Since graduating, I have worked in private practice where I have treated a wide range of conditions including athletic injuries right through to sore backs from over doing it in the garden on the weekend. I also began my PhD in 2017, where I am exploring how to optimise success after total knee replacement surgery.

I am passionate about getting my patients moving and educating my patients to understand their condition and have the skills to self-manage. Additionally, due to my PhD research, I take great interest in rehabbing people who are suffering osteoarthritic pain or who are recovering from a total joint replacement (such as total hip and total knee replacements).

When I’m not working or studying I’m likely to be either exercising, or sitting down to a nice red and cheese board!