Nick Baldwin

- Bachelor of Science, Business Economics & French
- International Diploma in Advanced Personal Training
- ISCO Certified Bike Fitter
- Professional Triathlete & Ironman Champion

After graduating from university I pursued my love for sport and fitness, launching a personal training business in Seychelles. After years competing as an amateur triathlete, I took the opportunity to race professionally and have been fortunate to race across the world, with the highlight being becoming an Ironman Champion. Racing is my passion and I love having the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with others.

As a triathlete I've been lucky to work with and learn from some of the industry's most knowledgeable people and the technical aspects of riding, in particular bike fitting and equipment selection, have always fascinated me. I believe that almost everyone has the capacity to improve their performances through subtle position changes, with further time savings possible when optimising equipment choices.